Penelope CEO

Penelope's Story

Founder and CEO Penelope Shihab is the first women CEO and scientist in the biotech industry in the Arab region. Her passion is to provide solutions to healthcare problems and impact the wellness of men, women and children in difficult healthcare environments. This entrepreneur brought together a team of scientists and technicians focused on creating innovative products, therapies, and solutions to today's healthcare and wellness challenges.

While searching for methods of cancer treatment, Penelope discovered the unique qualities of Camel’s milk antibodies and its application to a range of medical diseases and healthcare conditions including P.Acne. This discovery led her to found her company in 2014 and launch the SKINUE product line for treatment of Acne.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to build the future of powerful beauty products from high technology science.
Our Mission is to understand and advance the science behind beauty and to help women, men and young people to feel more confident by enhancing their natural beauty.
We are dedicated to providing effective, quality, innovative simple skin care products for all!

Visão e Missão Skinue

"SKINUE... Where Beauty Meets Science"

Our scientific team is dedicated to developing innovative bio-based skincare products in response to the varying needs of people of all ages. Our amazing team has the dedication, concentration, tools, experience and the desire to help you discover your true beauty!

Our Innovation Model

SKINUE is the first bio-based skincare innovation discovered by our R&D scientists. SKINUE combines various natural ingredients for exposed skin care. SKINUE’s main active ingredient is derived from nature, specifically from Camel Milk. The active ingredients in SKINUE help cleanse, moisturize and beautify the skin.

High Performing and Safe

SKINUE is suitable for all skin types and designed to deliver dramatic visible effects. SKINUE is dermatologically tested. For improved skin, try our Best Acne Products and Skin Care products.

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