Skinue’s 3-Step Acne Treatment Plan: Step 3 - Ultra-Gentle Gel

Now onto Step Three. Ultra Gentle Gel and/or Illuminating Cream

Depending on your skin type, you will either be using Skinue’s Ultra-Gentle Gel or the Illuminating Cream. Both products are fantastic and both will make your skin feel so silky and smooth.

If you have oily skin, the Ultra-Gel is for you. It has a fresh, non-greasy texture that glides right on, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. If you have dry skin, the Illuminating Cream will fulfill all of your skin’s needs. Its rich, creamy texture and powerful formula completely hydrates and moisturizes your skin while evening your tone and maintaining freshness. 

Both the Ultra-Gentle Gel and the Illuminating Cream are easily applied. 

  1. Gently smooth a large coin-sized amount of the product all over your face until it is fully absorbed into your skin.
  2. Use at least twice daily as the final step of Skinue’s Three Step Treatment Plan.

The more you use Skinue’s Treatment Plan, the faster you’ll see it's amazing results.  Follow the three-step routine twice every day to achieve the most beautiful, clear and radiant skin of your life.


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