New products featuring unusual ingredients are constantly emerging in the world of beauty and skincare. From bee venom facials to kale moisturizers, unorthodox ingredients are favorite subjects of experimentation for beauty experts and companies everywhere. The efficacy of these methods is frequently debatable and their popularity tends to fall as fast as it rises. However, one unique beauty ingredient has stood the test of time: camel’s milk.

 For thousands of years, women across the Middle East and Africa have used camel’s milk to attain soft, radiant skin. Egyptian queen Cleopatra was said to have bathed in camel’s milk as part of her daily beauty routine. The nomadic Bedouins created sunscreen by mixing camel’s milk and fat and washed their hair with camel’s milk to remove excess oils.

 The numerous skincare benefits of camel’s milk can be attributed to its high vitamin and mineral content. Camel’s milk has ten times the iron count and three times the vitamin C count of cow’s milk. Vitamin C reduces redness and inflammation, diminishes fine lines, aids in sun protection and repairs sun damage.

Camel’s milk also contains a large amount of collagen, elastin and vitamin B as well as lanolin, which is a potent moisturizing agent. Lactic acid, another component found in camel’s milk, is known for smoothing and strengthening skin. Recently, antibodies in camel’s milk were discovered to be effective in fighting acne.

A timeless beauty ingredient that does a bit of everything to ensure amazing skin, camel's milk is on the rise and here to stay.