A revolution is coming in the world of acne treatment. For years, professionals in the skincare industry have searched to find an all-natural solution for the pervasive skin condition that affects millions of people all over the globe. Recently, scientists in the Middle East made a breakthrough by discovering that antibodies found in camel's milk are extremely effective in fighting and destroying acne at its source. 

Jordan-based company MONOJO is at the forefront of this research and has developed a skincare line based in their findings. SKINUE is the first bio-based skincare innovation that uses immunized camel whey as its main active ingredient.

According to SKINUE founder Penelope Shihab, the process begins when fat and fat solubilizing agents found in camel whey unplug blocks of acne. The proteins and antibodies generated in camel milk by immunization penetrate the skin and treat acne infection at its source. Since camel milk antibodies are smaller in molecular weight compared to other antibodies, they can more easily reach and kill bacteria in the skin. The other anti-inflammatory proteins and peptides found in camel’s milk reduce redness and inflammation as well soothe the skin during treatment.

Shihab said that the effectiveness of SKINUE could be compared to the traditional standard bearer of the acne industry, Proactiv. However, one major difference is that SKINUE contains no chemical ingredients and is all-natural. Camel’s milk, its main ingredient, will not produce overly dry skin or reach the blood flow. SKINUE’s treatment plan includes four products including a facial wash, serum, cream and gel.

When used consistently, the SKINUE treatment plan has been proven to drastically reduce the appearance of acne, while its all-natural ingredients leave skin soft, smooth and revitalized.